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Top Tips For Writing a Speech

Posted on: June 18th, 2015 by Charlotte

When planning an event, party or wedding, it’s hoped that the occasion will be entertaining, encompassing and memorable. A wealth of effort is applied to ensure that the finer details are considered and the traditions are observed. For the majority of events, certain individuals have elevated roles and duties that need to be accomplished to ensure that the occasion is a wonderful affair. One of the most prominent features of any successful event is at least one speech. Whether delivered by the host, father of the bride, company director or a vocal guest, a successful speech relies on eloquence, engaging content and poignant remarks. There are some imperative considerations and inclusions to be made to write such a piece and below are a selection of essential incorporations.


Firstly, it is vital that the person giving the speech and writer understands their audience.

This enables the speech to cater to the preferences, tone and understanding of the crowd. Furthermore, the intricate elements of the speech will be better placed to entertain and be memorable to the audience. By understanding those that the speech is directed towards, the writer will better placed to write a relevant and memorable piece that succeeds in reaching an ultimate goal.

Secondly, be sure of the impression or thought that you want to leave your audience with.

At a wedding or personal occasion the overriding ambition may be to encourage guests to have an enjoyable time or to demonstrate your love for the host. At a charity event, the ultimate goal will be to encourage support or raise funds and a corporate event may be to further motivate staff or promote a new product. By focussing on your ultimate aim, your writing will be direct and ambitious. You are less likely to stray from your cause and will ensure that your audience sees you as an assertive and enthusiastic spokesperson.

Thirdly, humour is well received in all instances.

The art of engaging your audience through laughter may be one of the more difficult to achieve, but confident delivery of a simple joke or anecdote is certain to enthuse your listeners. At a wedding or private party, a humourous memory of the host is an ideal way to break the ice and appear to be a credible speaker. The audience wants to feel relaxed and not at all uncomfortable or concerned about oncoming content, so do keep the humour light and never cross the boundary to abusive or inappropriate.

wedding toast

Additionally, demonstrate confidence. Writing a speech that is honest and true to you will lead you to deliver it in a much more assured way. An ideal way to protract self-assurance is to memorise the bulk, if not all of your speech. Shuffling with prompts or nervously handling printouts is a sure fire way to discredit your content and unnerve your audience. Stand assertively, deliver your words clearly and with volume and take regular opportunities to breathe and allow your thoughts to resonate.

Next, always take time to assess the audience throughout your speech. A scan of the room will allow you to determine if the audience is engaged, tiring or disagreeing with you. By ensuring that you gauge their response, you’ll be better placed to play to the crowd. Once you have fully engaged them, you’ll find that entertaining them, selling to them or securing their understanding is much easier and makes for a better experience for you.

Writing a speech can feel like a daunting experience and delivering can quickly consume an ill prepared spokesperson. However, by following the tips above, the speech will be focussed, entertaining, informative and engaging. The delivery will be smooth, confident and ultimately, enjoyable. Gain reassurance from organisation and well planned content so that the delivery is eloquent and credible. A speech should provide a positive element of any event, party or wedding and should never result in the discomfort of the audience or the individual presenting. Enjoy writing the piece, embrace the delivery and the overriding memory is guaranteed to be positive.