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Henley Festival 2013 – A Magical Few Nights in Henley on Thames

Posted on: November 14th, 2013 by Charlotte

Summer seems like a distant memory now that the Winter has set in, so what better time to reflect back on one of our favourite events this summer – the Henley Festival.

We had the pleasure of looking after Pandemonium – the drummers and working men & women who performed at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. They played each night at the Henley Festival as part of the evening Spectacle to the sound of the fireworks going off behind them. A very moving and powerful performance and lovely to see them getting so involved in the Festival spirit. Many of them were volunteers who now find themselves part of a wonderful community who travel the countryside performing at a variety of different events.


Henley Festival is one of the most magical events we’ve ever been to and had the pleasure of working at. From the main acts on the floating stage to the roving eccentrica on the banks of the river Thames, it really is an event not to be missed.

We’re already looking forward to being involved again next year. Bring on the summer!

You can view the full gallery here!